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Charles Webb -
"Dr. Awkward Raps About Power, Wisdom, And Courage On Zelda-Themed 'Boy Without A Fairy'"

"Dr. Awkward went to the source, sampling the original "Ocarina of Time" score of longtime Nintendo composer Koji Kondo for the eight tracks in "A Boy Without a Fairy" to solid effect. His hyped-up flow mixed with the down-tempo Kondo score gives the whole thing the feel of something from the West Coast circa 1997-98 (think The Spooks), but with less of a kick-you-in-the-chest beat."

Dathen Bacabella - Zelda Informer - 3-16-13
"Dr. Awkward Releases Ocarina of Time Based Rap Album: 'Boy Without a Fairy'"

"The tunes are very well mixed and they pay tribute to the legacy of the game more than they insult or detract from it. The titular song "Boy Without a Fairy" really touches deeply on the themes of the game, and the whole album is very informed in the lore of Hyrule."

Curtis Silver - Wired/Geekdad - 3-20-13
"The Triforce is Strong With Dr. Awkward’s Boy Without a Fairy"

"Dr. Awkward is at his best when he is attacking the lyrics with high octane, sweat inducing verbal assault. Yet, even though the Boy Without a Fairy EP is a bit toned down in that sense, it comes together stronger than I’d expect without that aggression. This EP tells a story, and in that it feels a bit more relaxed and whimsical while rotating through a gambit of emotions from loneliness to heroism. So the tone has to change to carve out each piece of the story, and it does. Doc does a fantastic job of transitioning you from track to track til the bittersweet ending."

John Ngyuyen - Nerd Reactor - 3-15-13
"Listen to this rap album inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

"If you haven’t checked out Doctor Awkward’s music, I really recommend you giving him a listen. His beats are good and his lyrics are nerdy. The best thing is that you can blast this out loud in your car and people wouldn’t think his songs are about video games."

Brandon - The Drunken Scholar - 12-30-09
"Nerdcore Corner: Dr. Awkward, Benjamin Bear, and MadHatter"

"I saved (What I think at least) the best for last. Dr. Awkward is one of those artists that makes Nerdcore a legitimate subgenre of hip-hop. When I first hit play on his album Next Gen, I instantly started bobbing my head. If early Eminem and MC Chris did a Fusion Dance, Dr. Awkward would be the super powered result. (How you like that DBZ metaphor worked into my review? Nailed it!)
With tracks like "Next Gen" and "Geekuilibrium," Dr. Awkward not only does geeks proud of their humble origins, but makes us look GOOD in all of our Geek Glory.
Score: 5 pints"

Curtis Silver - Wired / Geekdad - 12-29-09
"12 Geeky New Years Resolutions"

"Continue to support independent artists by not buying their music: At some point in the past, we’ve all been slaves to the corporate music empire. This past year saw a rise in independent artists, especially in the Nerdcore genre. Most of it, you can listen to or download for FREE. The artists are literally giving their music away to build a name for themselves, the way file sharing was intended to work. Then, if you like it, you can buy it and support a starving (really, they eat Ramen three meals a day) artist. Head over to Scrubclub records for a plethora of fantastic tunes (my personal favorites are The Bear Necessities by Benjamin Bear and Next Gen by Dr. Awkward) and for bi-monthly podcasts featuring the latest in hip, geeky music."

Tim Moon - Talk With Tim - 09-19-09
"Next Gen by Dr. Awkward"

"There’s nothing clumsy about "Next Gen" by Dr. Awkward. Doc Awk delivers a tight flow that is sure to appeal to a wide audience – even those who don’t consider themselves nerds. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Dr. Awkward demonstrates his skill at crafting lyrics and beats.."

Dr. Trevorkian - Nerd Lust - 08-07-09
"Dr. Awkward - Next Gen Review"

"Dr. Awkward’s "Next Gen" EP is one of the most promising indicators that Nerdcore Hip Hop is growing up and destined to go places. Awkward has his delivery down and he succeeds at giving us a great Hip Hop release without sacrificing his geek identity, as documented in the introspective "Geekquilibrium" and displayed in the brutally nerdy track, "Clan War."
He also killed it at Nerdapalooza ’09. Dr. Awkward is working on new material now, and as far as I’m concerned, the new release can’t get here fast enough."

Z - Hipster, Please - 07-07-09

"MC Lars, Nerdcore, Hip-Hop, & You"

"The drum that I so often beat (which I'll now remove from its protective sleeve and tighten properly) is that we need to stop thinking of Nerdcore as a genre, or even a subgenre. That truly is Front's gig, and he plays it perfectly. It's his term that the rest of us are using by his good grace, so let's tread lightly.

For everyone else, Nerdcore should be seen as a community or, better yet, a style.

As principle Nerdcore artists, folks like my pal Beefy further hone their skills. Ee see the term Nerdcore morph from a shield to a banner. For those who continue to ply their craft, Nerdcore – which once protected them in their handsome little niche – can instead turn into a word of their own precise defining. There is always wiggle room. As more and more of those in the meta-community find their voices, Nerdcore becomes less crutch than buzzword. Does that mean it will ever afford a totally accurate description of everyone from mCRT to Kabuto? No, but such is the price we pay for being habit-hardened creatures of limited language.

Even now, I find myself surprised to hear guys like Random, a true underground artist with hip-hop chops to spare, talk about his nerdcore project Mega Ran. Further, I was positively taken aback when Dr. Awkward (rightfully) proclaimed himself the next generation of Nerdcore in his recent release. This just goes to show that, when used correctly, the term has legs. Even in the face of its apparent stylistic limitations."

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