Underestimate me, that's a mistake
I really shouldn't have to say it
Underestimate me, that's a mistake
You could be the life I save
You make me want to walk away
Walk away, from it
Don't make me walk away
walk away, from it
-Verse 1-
Look I'm a king, does that mean something to you?
A hero to the people, yeah I know it's hard to do it
And it's getting harder every day , when people laugh right in your face
All the while you're urged to up and walk away
But what then? I bet they'd notice I was gone
When the order falls apart into alarm
All the result of this overwhelming ignorance
Maybe that's a fitting consequence
This life is lonely when they hate you
Taking you for granted as they underestimate you
I wasn't made for this
And if you knew what I resist, what dwells in the abyss
It's true they say that ignorance is bliss
And still I fight on, protecting those who loathe me
I wonder if they'll ever really know me
Stand for what is right without question
Let us let this be the lesson
-Verse 2-
I am too often rejected, Never been respected
Lately it's a struggle not to let my face reflect it
Born of two worlds, below and above
Two worlds who both reject my love
and still I stand for justice, dignity and peace
Every single day this is who I'm cursed to be
They question me below, Above it's getting hard to breathe
The only option left for me is leave
I often daydream that I'm gone, they loved me all along
But to leave the ones in need would just be wrong
But if I am to stay, I'll just end up enslaved
to a world I know I'm never to belong
And yet I fight on, defending  those who loathe me
Accepting that they'll never really know me
Those that you should trust might be those you always question
Let us let this be the lesson
Don't make me walk away
Walk away (x3)