Allegory Lyrics 

This is a song that I wrote
Though the credit for the song and the words in it belong to a man far greater than me
Nearly 2400 years ago today a philosopher named Plato wrote an allegory of what it meant to be a human being and how we view this world. It is a beautiful work, and I have the immense honor of giving it to you in musical form.  
Verse 1
Can we imagine that we're bound at the neck and legs
In a manner that we can't seem to move our heads
Sitting shackled and ensnared on a cave floor
and behind us lies some form of light source
but we're stuck staring blankly at the cave wall
angled perfectly to see where that light falls
and as the figures pass, the shadows are cast
and our minds have to try and decipher what our eyes saw
this is our only known reality
the worlds small with a prisoner's mentality
we struggle to make sense of the specters
So naive we let our ignorance protect us
But everything we've seen is a lie
at least a skewed version of the truth
and if we just open up our eyes
then maybe we could search for the proof

Hook (x2)
I've seen something new
The greens and the blues
I've opened my eyes
and I've see the truth
and I've learned of life
and I've learned to feel
and closing your eyes doesn't make it less real
Verse 2
Now let's imagine that we're set free
but all the other prisoners are let be
and when we finally turn our heads and we see the light
It's overwhelming and we can't seem to use our eyes
but over time our sight adjusts and we focus
and see this cave as we never would have noticed
and our world that we've known since our early youth
are simply just the shadows of a bigger truth
now suppose that we're carried all the way out
far from the prison of the darkness of the cave's mouth
we take it in and we wonder what it all means
don't have the words for the world that's gone unseen
we come to know that this place is the only truth
and everything before was a foolish lie
and that the sun is the only proof
for the prisoner's we left behind
Hook (x2)
Once a man attains true enlightenment he will be viewed as an outsider by those he once considered peers, for they cannot comprehend the world he explains; but it is the duty and the responsibility of every enlightened man to bring those people in the dark out to the world he has seen.