Amanda Lyrics 

This song is dedicated to anybody that ever felt so alone
So hopeless they thought they couldn't go on
-Verse 1-
Trust me when I say I've been there
feels like nobody does, or would, care
To feel you don't belong
to wake up in a world that does you wrong; that's not fair
you think you're on your own
but the burden is too much for you alone; I get that
and nobody pays attention
if only there was someone who would listen
see it's way too much you're stressed out, think you might just check out
you crack under the weight of all this pain, you just can't get out
and you're praying for a hand
somebody who could help you to a stand
feels like you've been here for awhile
only just a child, but forgotten what it's like to want to smile
and it's a struggle just to breathe
all you think about is how you want to leave
It's only just a phase baby don't go
Don't go, Don't go
Trust me it'll be alright
I know you want to leave baby don't go
Don't go, don't go
I need you here to save my life
-Verse 2-
Please don't deprive us of your light
if you left this world would never be as bright
trust me angel, that is true
there will never be another one like you
there are people that would miss you
some you might've not met
what about the one's you haven't had a chance to love yet
It feels like no escape but all this pain will fade with time
there will never be a soul to fill this hole you leave behind
you are loved, you're really loved
and this road is long, and yes sometimes it ends up getting rough
see that's the thing about the journey
sometimes it is the hardest for the ones who don't deserve it
but it's worth it, it's worth it. I know it isn't perfect
I wish that I could make sure that nobody ever hurts you
Baby trust me when I say
that you're not the only life that you can save
-Hook- (x3)