Bittersweet Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Alas the world was saved and we can turn a page
the evil king has long been banished by the seven sages
and since the peace returned, well then so did I
seven years to my time, just a small goodbye
but I can still remember everything
the emotion in her eyes when she looked at me
it's so bittersweet, but a victory
sometimes I wonder, in her time is she missing me?
I came back it's just as it was
back to the forest just a boy and his hut
to a time when nobody in the world even cared for me
no one with whom to laugh, or to share stories
so every day is just another day
but I'm thankful every time I see the others play
I'm always thinking of that friend
and waiting for the day we meet again
-Bridge 1-
You once told me that time passes and people move, like a river's flow it never ends, and a childish mind will turn to noble ambition. Young love will become deep affection. You were right.
-Verse 2-
And when the world was saved, why did you leave this place?
It was me and you; and you and me through time and space
sometimes it's hard to cope, as soon as we made it home
though you meant everything to me, you left me all alone
but I still remember everything
the way you'd yell at me to make sure I was listening
it's so bittersweet, but a victory
I wonder where ever you are, are you missing me
Sometimes I think that I can hear you when I'm sleeping
It's probably cause I always seem to see you when I'm dreaming
everyday i sit and think and wonder where you are
and every night I see you in the stars
and every day is just another day
that I can sit and wonder why you up and went away
I'm always thinking of you friend
and I'm searching for you until we meet again
-Bridge 2-
Someone once told me that it's something that grows over time, true friendship. The feeling in the heart becomes even stronger over time; the passion of a friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power, and through it you will know which way to go.
You know? I think I do. After everything we've been through. I can't let it end this way...