Blank Pages Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
I fear this isn't who I'm supposed to be
According to expectations of those close to me
This isn't how I make the most of me
The man in the mirror is nothing but the ghost of me
Nine - to - five living day-to-day trying to make it
Wake up, swallow down a pill just so I can take it
Feeling sorry for myself like it's not fair
How am I lost, when my life is going nowhere?
Go to college, get a wife, and live the bored life
24 and divorced is what it's more like
My life is ready for some changes
I see the future is amongst these Blank Pages
Open Cage
Open Wings
Open Eyes
To everything
Sun kissed faced, I can finally breathe
I'm breaking free, breaking free of who I'm supposed to be
-Verse 2-
Nobody has it easy, so I've come to find
So I left that grass is greener attitude behind
Single mother raised, a single father now
Doing my best since I had no one who could model how
A young man, no skill, less ambition
But a keen eye at observing present human condition
Lost in a world without an atlas of GPS
Too bad there's no road map to happiness
That's because it's not a destination
Don't have to search for happiness it's born of your creation
It's not profound, don't let it pull you down or drown you
It's usually as simple as enjoying what's around you
Do what you love and the money will come
Instead, do what you love, cause you love to have fun
Life without Joy is a life that's been wasted
Don't let those be your Blank Pages
-Verse 3-
I don't dream, cause I never sleep
Working everyday this is how I eat
Take what you want, this life is for the living
It won't be handed to you, only death is given
Shake it off, Shake it off, Self-pitying is useless
There's no endgame in your excuses
If you want something, it is you who must create it
I'm looking to these blank pages
I'm looking to these Blank Pages (repeat)
-Verse 3.5-
I told my son I would make him proud
So every single show I'm there to lay it out
Keep it simple, no regrets
Fuck giving up, this show aint over yet
And you can do it too, but do it right
Never rest, keep looking day and night
And if you want something so bad that you can almost taste it
Those could be your Blank Pages