Boy without a Fairy Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
In the vast deep forest, awoke from a dream
of a man on a horse from a land unseen
another nightmare, there when I sleep
no wonder all these other kids call me a freak
or boy with no fairy, they laugh and they tease me
don't want to be different, cause different is not easy
orphan of the forest, always been alone
this the only world that I've ever really known
that day would prove different, awoke rather oddly
to a new voice of a fairy name Navi
she said to make haste, I'd get to see
the great guardian spirit; the Deku tree
and he told me of a curse that's within his trunk
He said it's all up to me, I'm the chosen one
before I even got to think, he stopped and asked
"Do you have the courage to take this task?"
They say that I'm special, I really can't tell
I just want to be like everyone else
like everyone else, I just want to be like everyone else
They say that I'm chosen, that really is swell but
I just want to be like everyone else
Everyone else, why can't I be like everyone else
-Verse 2-
So I rid him of the curse, now it's back to my life, right? Wrong.
He tells me he was doomed all along
though my acts were courageous, nobody could save him
but there's no reason for alarm
He spoke of the goddesses from which Hyrule spawned
One wise, one courageous, the last was strong
they returned to the heavens when the world had dawned
through the gold sacred triangles the three lived on
then he warned of the shadow who rides from the desert; a thief
the man who brought death to the tree
he could not be allowed near the triangles of legend
the same man I'd seen in my dreams
and then he gave me an emerald, told me to be brave
that I should head to the castle that I'm destined to save
He must be mistaken, he can't mean me
He says "Link, the future depends on thee"