Buzzin' Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
It's been a long time coming
and I can finally say something
and leave it to a geek to keep the mainframe running
keep my heart pumping, while I break stigmas
and if you can't shake it, then you better blame Shinra
straight ninja, the way I stealthed in
I'm a daywalker so I left myself in
Try to lock me out, it's already too late
cause I'm back from the farplane and banging down your gate
I tried to tell them that I'm destined for greatness
what other nerds got A.R's on waitlists
asking for forgiveness like they're playing "Doc May I..."
they're calling me a crossover threat like A.I.
And I feel like money, and I feel like money
be attracted to me
They come around like honey, come around like honey
cause I'm fly like a bee
Man I got um all buzzin, buzzin, buzzin
like duh duh duh duh duh duh duh
Man I got the word buzzin, buzzin, buzzin
like duh duh duh duh duh duh duh
-Verse 2-
Yeah, I got um all buzzin like a second gen Xbox
Wait  I got them buzzin like a brand new Vespa
or an old engine in a two-ten Cessna
No I've got them buzzin like I'm Nikola Tesla
Yes sir, north bound to tinsel town
Passed the test, but I'll never put my pencil down
These simple clowns aint got no mojo
Damn. that's why using double negative's a no-no
mind on my money, money on my mind
deal with so many labels, but I'm still undefined
Like a full time barista, I stay on the grind
Treat rap like Tetris, a line at a time
Yo when I come through, through, through
It goes...
you know how the geeks do, do , do
We go..
We make an old jam new, new new
and if you love the Nu Shooz, Shooz, Shooz
I bring an old school flav in a new way
I'm here now and I plan to stay
and they done slept on "A" but that's bout to change
I'mma keep um up for days
and I'mma wait wait wait wait
I know that I'mma have my day
So I'mma wait wait wait wait
and keep the Mann on replay
-Break 2 -
When I come around, round round
It goes...
Yeah, When I come around, round round
It goes...
When I step in your town, town town
It goes...
Yeah Yeah, it's going down, down
it goes...