By the Gun (Jonah Hex) Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
A lone man, lost in a world gone by
An obsolete model only knows one life
Left in the wake as the time marched on
and he longs for the days that are so far gone
The world would be different only if his side had one
So the soldier turned hired gun
A jobs a job, he's no stranger to the dirt
cause the honest men never get the work
this new peace it doesn't really do it for him
Eighteen-eighty and he still wears the uniform
They moved forward and he didn't make the trip
The only absolute: the two guns on his hip
The two worlds like they're destined to meet
He trades the wild west for industrial streets
Get in his way and he won't hesitate to hurt ya
His biggest enemy is inertia
-Hook- (x2)
He is the answer
He is the one
Lives by the code
to die by the gun
To die by the gun (gun gun)
To live and die by the gun (gun gun)
-Verse 2-
He walks alone on the path he's reluctantly shown
Finds himself in a world that is so far from home
Another thief met with blast and reload
The coldest man has a code
Friend to no man. Enemy to many
you'll be lucky if you're met with little sympathy if any
A man apart, bring honor to the fall
He's been on both sides of the law
They call him Jonah. More accurately Hex
He leaves nothing in his wake but destruction and distress
He's not concerned with the crime or the proof
This man only seeks the truth
In the world of tomorrow he can't turn the page
So the war of before made the man of today
Get in his way and there's no chance to run
you're on the wrong side of the gun...
-Hook- (x2)