Call Back

(Hello? Who is this?)
Naw I'm busy just call back
I said I'm busy call back
Yeah I'm busy just call back
I got something to say so I'm about to drop a track
-Verse 1-
Kick back feet up, I'm drinking from the carton
Call of Duty Marksman, Gamer Clint Barton
You lagging, you lagging, don't even get me started
All you loud mouths is just another target
"Lost Boys" the team, we scumbag heavy
Bumpin' Riff Raff from a 4-door chevy
Rumors hit the scene so you're who I mark next
Man your teams got a leak (leek) like a fucking Farfetch'd
It's a clan war, not a match but a war
Ate a beat (beet) back then and I'm hungrier than before
You don't want us to go in, we'll spit a verse in fatigues
Call yo ass "Rafi" cause you isn't in my League
That wasn't even sixteen,
Man down, trust me you don't really want it with the team
Better think twice when you aiming at the click
Got you doing 180 (one eighty) like Anna Nicole Smith
-Verse 2-
And F-U to these rappers who say I suck
Honestly it's hard enough to muster up that half'a (half of) FUCK
Man I'm touring woldwide, y'all rappers aint got the heart
It's like critiques of mona lisa from a macaroni artist
(Ha) I went and told you I was different
The difference is how I turn a beat into a victim
Internet born like my mama was a net gear
You heard it here, I'm your favorite rapper next year
Five years strong and I'm just getting started
Got um saying Doc Who?! Like I showed up in a tardis
So hot, I'm spitting fire like I'm Natsu
If I'm not the best, at least this song has the top 2
I need a beer and a fucking High Five
and a Netflix marathon of only Firefly
Aint worth a bar, here we are at the 31st
He's awake I'll let the dragon do the dirty work
-Verse 3-
Too busy tongue going, cause I'm busy gun showing
Now I know I stop go and exhale so cali flow
No. I will not bring you other birds
Chop, bag you up in thirds
Swoon rock you afterwards
Yep. Middle finger to the other birds
Seven six oh (760) middle finger sticky with the herbs
Don't you know? Now that main squeeze got the curves
Here's another middle finger going just for all the pervs (Hey)
Look who's back at the dinner table
Willing and able to spit a sixteen songs and label
Cable companies jumping me cause I'm pumping these double b's
Like their bumblebees somebody help me rumble these
Stumble, freeze, hazy from the greens
Lazy from dessert this morn, I'm pretty means
Machines on hold get cut quiet and cleaned
Like a red wedding just got popped off end scene.