Cartoons Lyrics 

It's Dr. Awkward and mc chris
The double dragon of this rap game
-Verse 1 (Dr. Awkward)-
It's Saturday morning at the crack of dawn
and I'm eager up and waiting for the Jetson's song
See an animated promo for Candy Land
Bundeled up in my XMEN jammy jams
Big bowl of tricks and a plastic bowl
Yelling out to Speed [RACER] like "FASTER GO!!"
"You've got to keep it down man, your parents sleepin'
What you mean? This was just last weekend!
That's right, I'm a grown up dude
But i still love to wake up and watch cartoons
I used to tape GI JOE on VHS
now I spend my paychecks on collectors sets
Love the Rugrats and the Looney Toons
Still can't pick the culprit in Scooby Doo
It's clear the Ninja Turtles are the baddest of dudes
But I still think the Swat Kats are radical too!
If you want a batcave behind your bookcase, Say CARTOON CARTOONS
If you think the foot clan was a waste of space
If you like sugar, spice, and everything nice
If you wish Gargoyles came alive at night!
- Verse 2  (mc chris)-
here's a jist of my list that'll make your head blow let's go
grayskulls great my favs were trap jaw and fist-o
orko was my bro filmation logo made me pogo
she-re and tee-la made parts i didn't even know grow
lion-o would shout ho to get his crew stoked
panthro had nunchuks and a tank and told a few jokes
those were after school when I'd like to vegitate
transformers transform they transform my saddend state
soundwave was the shit i could only afford the cassettes
lazerbeak might've been weak but we were secretly friends
I like older toons like casper, woody and popeye
their laughs got me high like guys who wear tye-dye
tom and jerry were best no cartoon can compete
more hard itchy and scratchy the action felt real to me
each smack to head had me floor rollin laughin
it was a gas watching the antics that are now a days absent
-Verse 3 (Dr. Awkward)-
I'm way too old to grow up
I still think Jean Grey is a suitable crush
No TV dramas like Breaking Bad
The only Dexter that i know belongs in a lab
I used to think that every pilots Baloo
Now as an adult I only wish it were true
and people like me are never missing their cue
so when you hear Ducktales you can say WOOO OOOO
Act my age? Well I love to pretend
Everyday i go to work so i'm making the rent
but when I get home I pop a DVD in
and see Pinky and the Brain are back at it again
Truth is: I still love Doug
I still think Buster was better than Bugs
To this day i still want a Mewtwo
Too bad they just don't make um like they used to!
-Verse 4 (mc chris)-
shirt tales never failed but their bottoms were bare, 
i love animals that lived in trees mon chi chi's and gummy bears
the snorks, the smurfs spiderman and his amazing friends 
mister t taught me how to be a man among men
as i got older and weary cartoons clearly were eerie
nyu i'd watch toons like batman the animated series 
beast wars with a bowl is how i like to relax
started making toons but id watch reboot in the back
the clone wars by gendy left me empty with envy
when ahsoka tano showed up i said hold up already
but i grew to love that too, so many questions unanswered
but then disney got busy and the clone wars was cancelled
if i can get four more lines then please lay back and listen
brad bird is the word like family dog and the simpsons
hogarth and a robot help my own soul escape
the incredibles is the best i learned the lesson no capes