Clan War Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
It's a clan war, and not a match but a war
best to be sure that you sore the flags for the core
meet on the battleground, everybody's silent
nobody blinks this is the calm before the violence
the bombers get their pilots, soldiers get their vests
dressed to the crest, much stress to digest
and they're testing themselves, seem to persist
no man wavers when death is in their midst
they resist the temptation to defect and desert
all brave men know that death is a flirt
they're alive and alert with their eyes in the dirt
praying to God that they wind up unhurt
battle cries ring out and their fate is embraced
the switch is flipped and all the fear is replaced
look to the general he lets out a roar
welcome everybody to a clan war
It's a clan war
better get set cause there might be trouble
Clan war
better hope luck gots you rolling doubles
Clan war
amass the troops get um ready for battle
Clan war
It's a clan war
-Verse 2-
As the battle commences suspense is intense
Your senses are heightened and tensions immense
You stand at attention your heartbeat is racing
Facing directions where bullets are tracing
You try not to wince, show no signs of failing
Bullets are sailing, smoke you're inhaling
You thoughts, they're derailing you push them aside
at the height of your stride two forces collide
adrenalines pumping you try not to waste it
Your enemy's blood it's warm you can taste it
You ignore the flavor, what is seen is appalling
Your brothers in arms all deceased limbs are sprawling
Revenge for the fallen exacted with force
Divorce your emotions and curb your remorse
Ignore the gore mutilation galore, let me welcome you to a clan war