See I was born into poverty, it never really bothered me
People say that I look mean, I guess you’ve got to be 

Born in the hood… raised in the slums 
Where people pray for miracles, but nothing ever comes 
Momma kept moving, working like crazy 
Got to keep food on the plate for two babies 
And daddy was around, but he never really gave a shit 
Supposed to be watching us, but he just split 
Left us all alone, door latched at home 
House to ourselves, no chaperone 
Forced to be a daddy, had to take care of my brother 
And we never would have made it if it wasn’t for my mother 
She put food on the bottom shelf so I could reach 
And I made sure my little baby brother would eat 
Life wasn’t easy, always told us we were blessed 
In a less than perfect circumstance, she always did her best 

Everything will be brighter when I get there
And when I cross that line I'm going to stay there
I'm getting closer every hour every day
Closer to my dreams 

I was just a baby when I first played Mario 
Just a young brother growing up in the barrio 
Never used the couch when playing our Nintendo 
Had to lay down on the carpet, in case a bullet hit the window 
It sounds like a dream; it was more like an incubus 
This aint a movie though, I know it sounds ridiculous 
Couldn’t wear blue, never wore red 
Especially not a hat, catch a bullet in the head 
Kept my head down when I walked to class 
Left a little early and we got home fast 
Locked up the pad, had bars on the window pane 
Pushers in the cars on the corner, with the crack cocaine 
Pick up the sticks, my life was great 
Goombas and bricks… were my escape 
And I kept on leveling, kept improving 
But most of all, I just had to keep on moving