Credits Roll

Verse 1
Yeah it's another cold night, I can hear the rain on the window
It's not a metaphor, it's really that simple
All alone thinking how the critics said I'd never make it
I never gave it weight, and yet I never shake it
Hands to my face, wishing that it wasn't hard
or so out of reach, and yet I set the bar
And if I'm the one that I should be afraid of
Then I'm already knowing what the competitions made of
Everyday it's just some other sin tempting me
Funny how the money switches friends into enemies
"Mo money, Mo Problems" aint it B.I.G?
I'm sitting missing my life before I made it big
This is what you wanted (x2)
Said that you would make it, it's all yours for the taking
This is what you wanted (x2)
Fast life, Fast women, Fast Cars, Living Famous
This is what you wanted (x2)
Make money all day, just living life paid
This is what you wanted (x2)
But now that you have it, tell me is this what you wanted?
Verse 2
I broke another mirror today, it's really getting bothersome
Everyday I'm looking more like my father's son
That's some shit aint it?
I guess I'll just cover my body with another Fendi/Prada somethin'
Yeah, give them something nice to look at
So they aren't tempted to ever try and look past
Don't go there, it aint a nice place
Here love dries up like a rice cake
Catch me at the local spot, chilling in the corner booth
Killing all the pain with a bottle of the hundred proof
This is life huh? Then the credits roll?
I'm hoping I don't my show to early close
Verse 3
So this is life now? Right now? Hmm
My only worth's in what I write down
And when I see my son, it always makes me kinda sad
Cause no matter my objections, he acts just like his dad
and a Role Model? No, I'm no role model
Buying bottles in the club for these adult models
Hoping one of these hos will make me feel a bit alive
Or at least help me forget that when I'm gone my baby cries
So lie to me, oh how they lie to me
Tell me you love me, yeah I love it when you lie to me
So this is life now? Right now?
Shit, give me the switch to turn these lights out.