Different Lyrics 

I said Welcome to the game
Everybody is the same
It turns out I'm just a little bit different
Never been a sheep
I'd rather do my own thing
It turns out I'm just a little bit different
Know they wanna hate
I really don't blame 'em
I'm just a little bit different
Always been this way and I'm really proud to say it
I'm just a little bit different

-Verse 1-
Bitches and money
Money, bitches, and money
These rappers changing the game
Are all the same man it's funny, funny
When they call me faggot I take it as a compliment
Saying I dress nice, I'm classy and I'm confident
And I'm going in switch it up
And I'm shitting on the status quo
Love women with intelligence
Instead of these so-called Baddest hoes
I played it smart cause this business is the Savage Lands
My two degrees are my mo' fucking backup plan
Got no tailor leave that to Wiz Khalifia
Walking 'round the city with a puppy on my t-shirt
Liquor by the bag, bag it up homie
Always slap it before we drink it someone hold it up for me
Popping bottles in the club ain't appealing to us either
One bottle of Ciroc or twenty boxes of Franzia
I'm that sick (Datsik) someone tell me how real was that
My competition's stock's dropping like a Skrillex track

-Verse 2-

They say that I ain't have a market
Me no market?! A&R, Ha idiots
I was doing shows in every corner of the globe
Before I ever saw a dollar for three albums worth of flows
And that was just a hobby watch me when I'm serious
Got these niggas red like Eddie Murphy in Delirious
Appealing to the masses but hey what do I know?
My crowd's black and white, black and white: vitiligo
Paradigm Shift, underdog but I get the win
And they in a fit cause the fittin' in
And they just don't get how I get it in
Something new errday
Fuck what anybody say I rock a three wolf tank
When I crash the VMAs wasn't invited? I ain't trippin'
Always take what I ain't given
Twenty-four with a chauffeur don't try to tell me I ain't driven
Can't believe it's the beginning maybe next time y'all will listen
People itching for something that's just a little bit different

-Hook- (x4)