Dreaming Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Oh what they'd give to be me, yup if only for a day
Oh your life is so easy, that's what the fans say
get to travel round the world man, your work is all play
but be careful what you wish for, you might just get your way
Yeah I travel round the globe living show to show
Life is far from easy when your best friend is the road
What I wouldn't  give to spend my summer nights at home
Cause when I hit the hotel man I'm feeling all alone
I really can't complain this is what I worked for
Way back in the day when I was spitting nerdcore
Damn, times change with the quickness
No time to think when entertainments your business
Everyone I meet it's getting harder to connect
Every days a blur, another show another set
People say they love me and we never even met
And the people that I love I fear I know them even less
-Hook- (x2)
They told me I should dare to dream
Now I'm seeing
It isn't always what it seems
-Verse 2-
I know it's hard to fathom I want to be a big name
High hopes and aims to up my chip game
I just want to be able to take care of my family
While I'm trying that my lady's lonely and she's mad at me
and I can understand that, it hurts to see her suffer
I never really meant for her to be a single mother
Man, these sacrifices are two-fold
I'd like to get to know my son before he's too old
Every day comes and I can feel my life passing me
I try to slow down but my ego keeps gassing me
I just keep swimming like I'm trying to drown on purpose
and I don't know where is up and hoping I can reach the surface
and I can only hope, i know now what I'm doing
So I've got to keep my head up so that I can keep on moving
I promise I'm no role model and you don't want to be me
So be careful what you wish for it's better when you're dreaming