Echoes Lyrics

-Verse 1-
What are we afraid of?
Illnesses that plague us?
Or the realization what this life, it has made us
When right and wrongs cast aside
And you do what you must to survive
Who you were has been lost
Daily you walk along the few moral lines that you've still yet to cross
You were once just a man
Now something less, here you stand
It seems the sky's turned grey
Hope just fades
"American Dreams" blocked by the quarantine gates
Freedom for your safety, this life has a cost
Spend your dreams running from the loved ones lost
One peaceful night, it's been too long
The hope for cleared conscience is so far gone
And you're haunted by the question
Are the monsters the Infected?

Whispers in my ear
Nobody to trust all that's left is fear
Echoes of ourselves is all that we hear
What do we become when the end draws near?

-Verse 2-
You hear the echoes in the silence
Daily you're reminded
You never truly leave the ones, supposedly behind us
Blinded by protection, soon becomes oppression
How to move forward when the world lacks direction?
Hope for tomorrow lies with the children
Who've never even seen the world they're burdened with rebuilding
What is humanity? Cooperation or insanity?
It's been twenty years past
Things you'd never dream to do back then, are now your everyday routine
No "good and evil", it isn't black and white
Every day and night, all that's left is survive
Take the easy way out? It's not that easy
It's become a habit to just keep breathing
And you're haunted by the question
Are the monsters the infected?


I hear the echos of the silence (x2)
I hear the echos of the question
Are the monsters the infected?