Equality (=) Lyrics
You can make the day seem right
Can make the darkness bright
That's what you do...
-Verse 1-
He was a young man, born in smallville fields
victim of a love that he held so real
A prison in his heart, growing distant from his parents
He locks away the truth, self-loathing and embarrassed
Dreams of a world where he'd one day be free
Far from this town in a world that he can't see
He thinks of hopping trains as they roll by
He always cries when he looks up at the night sky
The lies are toxic they eat at him inside
eighteen the burden is too much for him to hide
So he finally finds the courage he tells his parents over dinner
His dad calls him a faggot, his mom calls him a sinner
So alone in this moment as his world burns
The said that they would always love him, they were just words
He cries silent as he walks toward the train tracks
Leaving all he's ever known and never looks back
-Verse 2-
There was another boy who grew up much different
Single mother raised she loved him without conditions
So when he finally mentioned how he felt and his convictions
She wasn't mad, she simply kissed him
so it seemed the boy could live his life out as he sought
fully accepted and loved , or so he thought
Big city raised, the people smiled in his face
but the feelings they conveyed only covered up their hatred
He never showed it but he felt like a victim
Free to be himself but underneath lied restrictions
If you never looked then you would have missed it
Free to be in love within the confines of a district
He struggles daily, just to be himself
Though the love of his mother was beautiful and it helped
She'd never understand, he's alone as an outlier
Quarantined within but looked at like an outsider
-Verse 3-
And so we find the farm boy and he's made it to the big city
All alone he buys a coffee with his last pennies
Who should serve the boy on this cold day?
The city kid and his mom had just passed away
Hands him the coffee and he struggles with a smile
Outside a man, inside a lonely child
And the farmer boy says "You don't have to pretend,
I'm brand new here and I could really use a friend"
Over the next ten weeks with frequent meets
They speak of loves lost, their hopes and dreams
There's something special, feel it on the rise
You could see it in their eyes
They know the storm of life is one tough to weather
One they would gladly face if they're together
Everlasting love is everybody's mission
Who says these men are any different?