Everything Burns Lyrics
-Verse 1-
Awoke into a nightmare
It's been seven years passed, I was right there
stuck, in the fabric of time lies a slight tear
 I  was sent to this temple by the Hyrule throne and its rightful heir
but I'm back now, those who fight for the light need to act now
though the thief from the desert wears his black crown
I will fight for the people of the kingdom as the goddesses will witness I don't back down
He's destroyed the castle, he has scorched the fields
He's brought pain and misery, death and evil with the force he wields
I am the light from the forest, it falls unto me alone
I am the hero of time, the one deemed worthy to pull sword from stone
Whether it wood of it something more
Everything burns
To your walls and your castle doors
You'll find... everything burns
This whole world that you claim as yours
Everything burns
Armed with shield and the master sword
I'll show you that everything burns