FUF 4 Lyrics

A-Yo it's Friday, and we at it again
Got a case of Red Dog, and let the battle begin
Got the Call of Duty calling, so I'm calling up Soup
And today we're day drinking, so I call up the crew
Cool, crank the boombox, this tune is huge
Zombies on Nuketown, so you're bound to lose
And look, you die twice and you're passing the sticks
Drinking mimosas from a growler, I'm a classy bitch
Who said nerds don't party?
By mid-morning we already started
Got a camelback full of quality wine
Well, it's from a box, drink enough and it's fine
You know I can't complain
Got drinks, and good friends and a stack of games
Getting beat? Naw! What did you say?!
I got acquainted, now I'm better this way
It's Friday
Fucked Up Friday
Just call out sick because today we're drinkin'
It's Friday
Fucked Up Friday
And this is how you start the weekend

-Verse 2-
Yup! As you can see I'm mixing
I made a new drink I call it the Jim Henson
Absinthe on the rocks, with a shot of Jim Beam
Kermit was wrong, it's good to be green
Look, it's more people at the door
Cards against humanity is laid out on the floor
So, it's about to get weird
Why don't you assholes ever bring beer
We're out of liquor it's about that time
That I walk to the store, fuck a DUI
and when I get back then we're cranking it up
With a Game of Thrones viewing, with a drink in the cup
Yup! Who doesn't fucking love Tyrion
Slurring my speech like I'm speaking old Valyrian
We getting too old to act this way?
Naw, I'll worry 'bout it on Saturday

-Verse 3-
Looked at the TV we're back to games
Battlefield 4, so I'm taking aim
And I'm yelling, I'm cussing the same old things
But every headshot now someone drinks
Oh that's dangerous
Aint nobody does it like a gamer does
A couple games in and I'm looking for food
Vince V claims the tube for some Doctor Who
I'm like, fuck, I guess I'll go and make cupcakes
When I get drunk then I love to bake
Eating funfetti in love with Rose Tyler
Sending love tweets out at Billie Piper
And so the nights winding down
I'm feeling hella blessed to have my friends around
We could of hit the bar and had way less fun
Only 20 bucks spent and we're in bed by 1