F.U.F Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Yo it's Friday, it's the fucking weekend
We gonna be drinking til we stop thinking
bug the fuck out, but we stayed in
We drank so much Gin, the room starts to spin
I'm so tipsy, I'm so drunk
Let me double check, yup still drunk
Whole lot of captain, even more time
Got a whole lot of cuervo and not enough lime
Have to make due, just have to mix
Turn on the station, pick up the sticks
Switch on the SOCOM, time to get down
Take one more Jaeg bomb, a little more crown
I'm feeling it now, I'm feeling real rowdy
Yelling real loud, vision is cloudy
they're kicking my ass, so fucking why play?
Cause it's time to kick back it's fucked up Friday
Fucked up Friday
Everybody get intoxicated
Fucked up Friday
Everybody go get pixelated
Fucked up Friday
Everybody's feeling real elated
 Fucked up Friday
Yo it's F.U.F. so let's get faded
-Verse 2-
Okay as you can see I'm faded
When I grab the mic everybody hates it
They say I'm cussing like I'm Samuel L
That mother fucking cell, I mother fucking fell
Oh motherfucking well, at least I got booze
Look… this is where I got in the transcribing of this song before I physically could not hear any more of it, so let me paraphrase the rest for you:
Tone deaf rap kid drinks alcohol at home while playing games and cussing a lot. BOOM. You're welcome.