Finds you well 

-Verse 1-
I aint gonna lie I owe a lot to you
Thought we was brothers, held the spot for you
Man, I thought we'd fucking rule the world
doing everything we could for your wife and your girl
Man, you put me on the team
Gave me the inspiration and a dream
That every time they'd go and mention us it's
"greatest there ever was" in the suffix
(it)sucks, somehow it seems you lost touch
Every time you made a change you actin' like it's for us
More artists more content more donations
Damn, when did money become motivation?
I still remember everything you said that day
and how you treated me when I chose to walk away
Life gets hard... trust me i can see that now
But I'm still here hoping that this finds you well
-Verse 2-
Naw, it was nothing like love, but
That doesn't mean that it wasn't enough
to have me twisted up, thinking that's what happy was
Maybe too presumptuous thinking that you cared for us
and then the moment that I went and turned my back
I catch you on your back, with the homie in his flat, Fuck...
He was my brother, thought you were my girl
in just a matter of minutes you can lose your whole world
Just a kid, heartbroken, without a single friend
Screaming that I'd never love again
I saw you two years later, I finally did forget
and then you acted like we'd never even met. Damn...
that had me messed up for too long
been 10 years and it's still here in this song
writing a story that I never thought I'd tell
Hell, I hope this finds you well (I really do girl)
-Verse 3-
I am nothing without honesty
In truth, I hated you for she's blamed wrongfully
Never mind the fact you never cared
but to act like it's her fault that you were never there
Then to speak dirty on the only one who loved us
To take advantage of her and beat up my little brother
When you'd go, I'd pray to god that you were gone for good
I lost faith, cause despite my prayers, I knew you never would
I used to dream about killing you
Just a boy, wishing such an ill-will on you
Can you imagine how you'd have to treat your son
to have him wishing on a star for a bullet and a gun?
Pain begets pain, but forgiving you is beautiful
God damn man, I pity you
and even though this one is hard as hell
Honestly, I hope this finds you well. (I really do)