Flow of Time Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
It's like she sent me on a quest that day
Seven years still feels like yesterday
It's funny how time flies
It's like I wasn't there to watch it all fly by
Still remember when I met her
She's one of those people you meet that make you infinitely better
Saw me for what I could be
wise beyond her years from jump it's like she always understood me
I just wish I could have told her that
Time's tricky cause you always seem to want it back
It can turn a clock tower to an enemy
Or someone special into just another memory
I can still hear the words she spoke
It's like a lullaby my mind grasps at every note
And I can see her as she left that day
I really wish she had a little more time to stay
The flow of time is always cruel
and it affects people in different ways
but one thing that doesn't change with time
is the memory of younger days
-Verse 2-
Do you wear a mask? Or were you masked back then?
And if you came knocking would you let her back in?
Do you hide from the world? or deny it a victim?
Hardships in life turn the trials to wisdom
I know something in there hasn't changed
You can still see the brighter side of everything
When the hope in the world had all gone away
I could tell you knew everything would be okay
Life goes on and on and on
And you stayed strong and all along
Like the sun every time you'd come to fall
By the dawn you'd be right back standing tall
And I'll admire you forever for it
All your wisdom, no I never really could ignore it
Though you hide it, you never seem to realize
I could always see her in your eyes