Formulaic Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
I was sent on a quest to save the seven sages
In five different temples off in far off places
Walked the twisted corridors within the woods
Reconnected with my spirit from my childhood
Then I braved a volcano to save a race
of rock people from a lava dwelling fire snake
Then I sank to the depths out in Lake Hylia
Face to face with myself and a cursed amoeba
and then things got a bit strange
Killed a Cyclops bongo playing shadow thing
and then I trekked through the desert of the Haunted Lands
and fought the witches in the temple of the storming sand
The last Sheikah, the seventh sage
Brought along the return of a familiar face
and after all the adventure I have to say
This whole climax feels a bit cliché
1. Bad guy kidnaps a princess
2. Princess is kept in a castle
3. Hero arrives for the princess
4. Turns into big ol' fiasco
-Verse 2-
I mean you've got to admit this seems so peculiar
Castle, princess… seems all too familiar
Blond hair, helpless. Pink dress of lace
I know I've seen it somewhere but can't seem to place it
Master of Time not a charming prince
 Sorry for the attitude but this makes no sense
I mean… Zelda was a ninja dude…
Not to mention the Triforce of wisdom too
Kidnap a princess lock her away
Then play an ominous piano like a giant cliché
I've got Master Sword and some arrows of light
You finally transform and try to make it a fight
Too little too late as any evil will learn
banished to the dark realm with no means of return