Friday After Next (aka F.U.F 3) Lyrics 

Another Friday? But this already happened
That was Next Friday this the Friday after that one
Scientific so I'm tryna get blown
Make mistakes weekend, it's time to get gone
-Verse 1 (Dr. Awkward)-
Another Friday, it's time for a change up
Call ZeaLouS1, man it's time for some dank stuff
Know I party so you know I stay SWED
Tonight I'm Lord Stark cause I'm losing my head
Fuck going out, yo I say we take knees
Cause out in the San Deej, we only vape weed
Call up some ladies but they kind of refined
But they call me Topher Brink cause I'm changing their minds
A space mission, I pilot like Malcolm
I found my Serenity, the science the outcome
Look to Z1, the homeboy will chew a verse
Can't stop the signal, Doc's Mr. Universe
The Bossfights man, we're new but we old too
Bout that NES man, cause I'm old school
Bioshock, I was down, now I stay fly
Make mistakes man, FYHY
-Verse 2 (ZeaLouS1)-
The yin to my yang
Doc Awk, Next Gen, Changing up the game
Bossfights baby so you better know the name
When we separate the class from the classless
In the past commemorate the masses
The sleeping dragon's wide awake now. NoDoz
Party like the doctor on tequila. No clothes
Awk's got them shaking in their socks for blocks
Like it's a dance move made cool by Michael J. Fox
We're at the summit of insanity: Pinnacle
Each hit we take. 9 9 9 9 Critical!
These greens are clinical, don't forget to pass it man
I'm more Sirius than the prisoner at Azkaban
If you see flashes lighting up your dashes
Me and Doc advise track 8 off of Rise
You pull to the side, foot down on the brake
And say the same thing to Cops and Death: Not Today.