Get Away Lyrics 

-Intro (Hersh)-
Ran up in the spot put the money in the bag
 Hopped in the whip windows tinted all black
Now I see the flashing lights in the rearview
Gotta bail cause we dead and we've come to
-Hook (Hersh)-
And now we're on the run
Sweat trickling down your face trying to get away
With your hand on the gun
While we're dashing from the place trying to get away
Trying to make that get away (x2)
I'm rolling down your block put your money in my bag
-Verse 1 (Dr. Awkward)-
Damn I was tryna put this life in the rearview
(THUMP THUMP) Stop that kicking aint nobody gonna hear you
I went from simple living, petty theft and prison sentence
To copping Vinewood houses validating proxy business
Families the gang, ins the aim, I was Forum born
4 a.m. slanging all this work behind the corner store
I came up, put game up, and weight behind my name but
With every job I pull I get attention that I aint want
FIB sweating me, LD keeps on testing me
Fuck him man, I got something much bigger in the recipe
New click, move on up into some new shit
Can't help it if the shoe fits, I'm quick to hit a jewel lick and we out!
-Verse 2 (Dr. Awkward)-
All this money the money is the motive
Man I'm dipping through Los Santos in a fully loaded Voltic
Now the FIB gone bring us in on some bullshit
Talking about bonds and how Michael did a full flip
Fuck… they got us wrapped up
But we still pulling jobs tryna get our stacks up
On our way out to Paleto Bay, to get paid
Trevor tries to take from Merriweather, just another day
Got the feds pulling strings like a puppet show
Trying to cut up all these ties but they won't let us go
No parole, if they bring us up on charged from larceny to arson
Major paper make a man a major target on the get away!