Gotham is... (Batman) Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
He was the light in the dark night
Spark fights, a bat on a silent wing with a harsh bat
Forged from the earliest of tragedies
Watching the corruption of the city kill his family
At a young age, he's faced with a decision
Confront the situation that placed this disposition
And any man would understand
if he packed his bags and left the streets there abandoned
but not him, this man was different
He could always see the hope in the distance
A bat blinds, but he opened his eyes to realize
that he could almost see the changing horizon
So he kept on to never be defeated
The hero we deserve not the hero that we needed
and he you went back to the fateful day and asked the kid he'd say
Tomorrow's just a dream away
Is it family or purpose
Is it hell is it worse
Gotham is...
Is it home is it perfect
Is it damned is it cursed
Gotham is...
Is it progress? Change?
Is it a losing game?
Gotham is...
The future, ask Bruce Wayne
He'll say tomorrows just a dream away
-Verse 2-
They say the night is always darkest when it's just before the dawn
every night he braves the darkness as to catalyze a calm
A watchful protector, The Brave and the Bold
the shepherd to the lost; A flame in the cold
Was he the hope? No, he was hopeful
People of this city learned to stand on their own
So he would lead the way
And show them that tomorrow's just a dream away
With bold plans of a brand new Gotham
to rise above , it starts with the bottom
Rebuild the derelict and expunge the rancid
with expansive plans as to modernize transit
when darkness fell he knew they could beat it
The people all along were the heroes that they needed
and if you found the bat today, and asked the man he'd say
tomorrow's just a dream away