High Fives 

-Verse 1-
High fives for the 90s kids
who had a crush on Topanga the way I did
and rocked L.A. Lights to be like mike
and then would clip a Topps card to the spokes of your bike
and just ride through the city to find the library
to grab some Goosebumps, those books were so scary
Hell, high fives for J.T.T
Hands up if you love 16 bit
and if you ever had a friend who had frosted tips
or heard "As if" from your girlfriend's lips
or said "She's all that and a bag of chips"
Beat your best friend bad in Mario Kart
or knew the 5th planeteer had the power of heart
you had a thing for Kimberly
you knew Rocky loves Emily
Hands up for the good old days
before the YouTube or the MySpace craze
When kids used to play outside
without their iPads or their Kindle Fires
Hands up for the good old days
before ps6 or Xbox 8
Hands up if you want a High Five
Get your hands up if you want a high five
-Verse 2-
High fives for boom box and walkman
and pumping your kicks before you ever start walking
 Collecting Pogs and sippin' on some sizzurge
and Reptar was your favorite lizard
grew up the same time Tupac blew up
you wish you took a ride on the Magic School Bus
and Doug was dope
I'm on the grind like I'm rocking Soaps
High fives for Funions and Fun Dip
Slater and Zack were the crew that you run with
Still finish the line ever time they say
"In West Philadelphia born and raised"
Hands up for the thief on Cookie Crisp
Oregon trail on the 5' floppy disk
If you caught Tomagotchi fever
You had the yikes pencils and Trapper Keepers
-Verse 3-
High fives if you love high fives
and if you've ended a sentence with "not" or "sike"
Born in the 80's but grew up in the 90's
Our gang was Spanky and Stymie
When it was okay to be a "He-man woman hater"
when you told your friends, "yo holmes, I'll smell ya later"
If you've ever tried to be fresh
Like real fresh, man. Fresh to death
This is the song that never ends
Yes it goes on and on my friends
So get your hands up, yup If you love some Lambchop
Cause once you start singing it it's almost like you can't stop
The Jaws theme on the commercial for Pops
Or when you still got toys in a cereal box
Before the internet in everyone's home
Technology meant you had a pager and a pay phone