I'm Good Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Turn me up turn me up, Mas noise
Doc Awk. Lost Boys
I switched the style then I finally learned to network
Cause my rap skill was disproportionate to net worth
A new mixtape? well that's that…
Hit after hit after hit: Blackjack
Aww shit, you better fear him boy
Catch me forever independent Iroquois
 You won't find the kid popping off at West or Jay
My only rival is who I was yesterday
All these rappers want to be me, it's a cattle call
If I fell off watch me snap back: Paddleball
Who-are-you's at my show trying to front on me
I've had these haters since we called these suckas wannabes
On every girls Ipod, they always want to play me first
They play the kid more than kids playing Angry Birds
You can keep the money
money and the cars
cars and the clothes
Cause I'm good
I'm good
-Verse 2-
It's part two of a two part lesson
New school rapper so they calling me a freshmen
I was on-one, now I'm moving onto
Making all these cheese and this bread fondue
My game is never over, I never press continue
I'm doing bigger shows in even bigger venues
and life's sweet now like a parfait
Catch the kid stunting up the coast in an R8
Some ladies hate it cause I never be at home
Some girls, some girls man I'm just a rolling stone
She want to settle down? Fuck she say?
Baby I'm all about my money: E-trade
Yup! I'm getting better every day
Man I fucked the game make it wear a scarlet letter A
Washed-ups and wish-they-weres man they always want to hate
I look um in the face and I laugh at them and say
I'm really pretty good
I said I'm really pretty good
I'm unlimited
Doc Awk
Lost Boys
Last Gen