Imma do me Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Ayo, Imma do m, the game needs a change in tempo
Told them I'm the future, plain and simple
See you lames is mental, when your fame has dwindled
(I've got) Label heads bending over backward: Limbo
Drop an LP shit sounded like a mixtape
Who'd have thought round three fight! would be this great
What a disgrace pumping out the minimum
Y'all know I'm oh so cold: Subzero
and now I'm back burning up the tracks like Nero
see the truth is man I'm a little contradictory
no it aint perfect but it's still a flawless victory
You miss me? Come on man they know
The mainstreams all hard headed: Kano
Tryna be successful man, what the hell you mad for?
What you think I rap for? I'm saving for a Rav 4
-Hook- (x2)
Welcome to my homecoming
Docs back. No scrubs.
I keep the show running
Holla at Gramatik, Imma find a new beat
and tell the whole world
Imma do me
-Verse 2-
Well at least I'm honest
Doc Awk's always hot and that's promised
I'm a monster so I'm gonna have to kill um right?
then I bring um back to life: Mike Jack Thriller Night
Yo I slaughter them, let's just face it
Y'all know where I'm coming from, you back traced it
Ha! I'm only clowning cause you're clown shoes
and check the so-called talent that surrounds you
Then check the Soundscan, and look around man
you won't find this motherfucker on the Soundscan
I never lie fam, cause I hate cake
And yo I'm off-the-charts: Nate Drake
You see they honestly ornery, they keep on talking bout stopping me
but their gawking and jocking, it doesn't bother me
So I'll keep rocking and shocking them, Doc aint stopping for nothing
because this next gen style you know y'all love it