Joy Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
I remember that day, I burned you a track from Unlimited
You simply said I've never known what timid is
You listened you gave my head a single kiss
Then told me "Joshua, truly you are limitless"
I can almost hear you now
Sitting there telling me that you are proud
And I know you never got to see my show
but understand I can feel you there from every smile from the crowd
And though you're gone, you're not forgotten
I still remember everything you taught me
You told me I should dare to be different
And never ever strive to be something that is not me
And whether I am working on the road or if I'm flying around the globe
I'm glad I never feel alone and every single show I hope you know
I miss you everywhere I go, I go
I'm hoping that I'll see you there
Can see it on my face on my shows, my shows
I'm hoping that I'll see you there
-Verse 2-
They say live everyday like it's your last one
But I think they have it backwards
Instead you should live it like your first
Where everything is new to you, this world is truly beautiful
Just take solace in the simple things
and comfort in the Joy it brings
and put your value among human beings
and when they're gone instead of focus on the hurt, just think
you're lucky to have known them in the first place
New days are a blessing, Mistakes are just a lesson
It may not be enough, I know it's not that much
But my life is one of many you have touched
There's nothing like the laughter of your child
This world is brighter if you face it with a smile
You said if I am away, you'll always be here with me
So you never have to miss me
-Verse 3-
But trust me it's a joyous day
Every time I see a joyful face
And anytime I'm feeling down
Here comes the love that can wash all of the pain away
Instead of blindly chasing fireflies
With the hope of capturing the light
When I finally opened up my eyes
I found that I enjoy the night
Can see it at my shows
I'm hoping I'll see you there
I miss where I go
I'm hoping I'll see you there