Just Breathe Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Being blind is worse once you've seen the light
I seen this beautiful world in its blank and whites
I can't sleep at night
and when you left me I tried to be a man, so I aint even cry
I wish I would've called, if I could go back now then I'd call you
But what's that?
I wish it were something, I grasp in my heart for a spark in this darkness
and yet I feel nothing
I told myself I was busy… busy?!
While you laid alone and just missed me
If I could get rid of this one regret…
that's only one regret. I'd still have a hundred left
I don’t believe in karma
if it existed you'd still be here breathing harmless
you were fighting while I worried about the ones and the two
is that what a son would do?
truth is… I never deserved to know you
But I loved you, I wish I'd have shown you
If I wrote you a song of your love and your spirit
Well it's too late to hear it
they told me just breathe
just breathe
they told me just breathe
yeah right… yeah it sounds so simple
just breathe
they told me just breathe
just breathe
just breathe
yeah it seems so easy
I wish I had more words for you. I wish I could tell you everything that I want to say. I wish I could somehow turn back time and do things differently. but I can't… So I guess I'll just breathe…