Lag Lyrics
-Verse 1-
Somebody check the internet because I've got it on lag
Now I'm back and now you're messing with the baddest of the bad
There aint a power in the verse that can stop me
Not even a door to door salesmen could knock me
Sounds a bit cocky. Don't mean I'm not right
Fuck a firefly see that's not enough light
I'll put it into words that you might understand
Dr. Awkward was born with a mic in his hand
When the new Doc drops… the internet stops
Awk will come hotter than Jean Grey's crotch
Off my block y'all just stand and marvel
Tootles like "This man has lost his marbles"
First two outings were clear as day
The third one proves that I'm here to stay
Can't be the MVP of a league you're not in
You'll never beat Doc Awk when you're more like Doc Quinn
This new heat?
Yeah it's got them on lag
This ill beat?
Yeah it's got them on lag
See the DOC
Yeah I got them on lag
Got them on lag
It's so hot
So I got them on lag
I'm on top
So I got them on lag
I'm Doc Awk
Yeah I got them on lag
I got them on lag
-Verse 2-
I got them on lag, now I am back ready for action
I got fame like a nerdy Jett Jackson
They asking for mercy and trying to pass bribes
I got them all lagging like they trying to play Tribes
Never gonna die like I'm Nick Flamel
I turned rap on its head like a Victreebel
Call me Bruce my name's first on the Banner
And Imma show the world that my hands aren't the hammer
Damn it back again, stacking wins
Got more hits than Paxton acted in
Hacked the grid like I'm Samuel Flynn
Shit I don't even know what I'm rambling
Born on the internet I'm bound to stay
They said a geek can't rap, so I found a way
Second verse down and the track and fragged
And you can add it to the reasons that I got them on lag
This new heat
This ill beat
I got them on lag
It's so hot
I'm on top
I'm Doc Awk
I got them on lag
-Verse 3-
Oh no he didn't, yes he did. Don't go second guessing him
It looks like we should have the special victims unit question him
And Tony said the switch sounds "GRRRREAT"
And if they hate then let them hate… cause haters gonna hate
Now I'm back got them on lag and don’t know how to act right
I'm the rapper they deserve like the half-black knight
That might've went a little bit far hey
I 'push it to the limit' like Pacino in Scarface
Changing the game and make um stutter like Jimmy
Even Charlie Sheen admitted that I'm winning
Try pinning me down, they prolly gon' fail
And if y'all aint feeling me now, I'll spit it in Braille
Got um on lag, now they checking their ping
And they aint dealt with a rapper who can spit it and sing
Fucked in two ways, they call it a shocker
They better quit now trust me I'm the doctor!