Left4Dead Lyrics 

-Verse 1 (ZeaLouS1)-
On the flow, on the go run for my life now
Only got a shotgun and not even a knife now
Tread softly I'm hearing the witches moan
Kevo WTF?! Leave that bitch alone
Hold the phone vaults open in the bank
Doc take the top, Juggernaut take the tank
Watch our flank don't forget your ammo fills here
Checking every corner, yo Bishop we got your pills here
Too many kills here, crawling from the sewers
Hatred in their eyes colder than a can or Coors
So many tours that I dance with the dead
Like I sad thirty-eight hole buckshot spread
Drip red, blood spilled from the slaughter
Boomer went boom and the spot got hotter
Smokers over here feel a tug on my head
I'm left for dead
Left for dead
I can't escape
Where do you go when there's no place that's safe?
Left for dead
We're all alone
Where do you go when there's no place called home?
-Verse 2 (Dr. Awkward)-
(Ayo, Doc to the safe house)
Running, gunning
Chucking a pipe bomb, the zombie hordes coming
Z's on the front line and Bishop's got back
Stay in formation in case the Hunter attacks
Yo, I'm on the rifle. Kevo's got shotty
Juggernaut's got the knucks. Charger got bodied
Get up to the roof, I'm waiting on the chopper
Stay strapped with the meds, that why I'm called the doctor
Strength in numbers, never single handed
Back on foot because the bird crash landed
Never stranded, better have persistence
Jockey's laugh rings out from out in the distance
Now a spitter's spitting and it splashes across my face
Burning my eyes like a heavy shot of mace
Yo grab the defib, the Doc needs a rez
Cause I'm left for dead…
-Verse 3 (Dr. Awkward)-
No mercy see this won't be our last stand
We open fire no need to collect gas cans
Sacrifice hits, he would fall by a bridge
The passing of a friend to the call of a witch
On a crash course and nothing is said there
Not a damn word, I guess you could call it Dead Air
A Hard Rain falls, though it falls red
You could say we were left for dead