R.P.G Lyrics 

They like Doc how you doin?
I'm really pretty good, yeah I say I'm really pretty good
They like how the music going?
I'm like really pretty good, I say it's really pretty good
-Verse 1-
'09, the first time I touch a mic and that felt right
told me my song was tight and I felt like I just might
make something of myself, maybe elevate an art form
I'd usher in the next gen, that's what I played a part for
parted way with the label, nature of the business
then I step away to play MMO's it seems nobody done missed him
So I came back. What then? What happened to the next gen?
We saw what you were doing so we chose a new direction
I get that. Evolution. Really though, no disrespect.
I too, am just a product of the internet
they moved on, I'm cast aside, I really don’t know how to feel
In left field, I'm in left field, it's me I'm Gary Sheffield
 Forget it! Imma always do me
A day before a tour Imma write an EP
and when they try to hit me up like I want their critiques
I'm like naw… I'm R.P.G
-Verse 2-
I guess I understand the switch man, but damn I didn’t plan it
Like I'm going back to school and aint nobody understand him
See my time it went and came, mean it really came and went
and still I'm here doing my thing and I'm just tryna pay my rent
Shouts out to my Lost Boys, my family, my young at heart
My fans are always there for me, the only way I feel a spark
and when I'm all but down and out, your words give me a fire
I said that I would change the game be damned if I'm a liar
Bring it to the masses? That’s naïve they can't hang
We've always been the group who weren't afraid to do our own thing
Frontalot, or DualShawks, tatted knucks, throw um up
Live different, Love different. This nerd life will rise up! RIGHT?!
So Imma always do me
A day before a tour Imma write and EP
so when they try to tell you how to act or how you should be
Tell them naw… I think I'm R.P.G
Word to all my lost boys
Y'all really pretty good
This next gen man
it's really pretty good
and this nerd life thing
is really pretty good
Yeah I say we really pretty good