Rebels Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
When life is all but done and through
Tell me what is it you hold onto?
Is it tender moments with your lover?
Or the hate for the injustices you suffered?
Hm. Can you tell me what we're fighting for?
For our recollections and nothing more
If souls are just collections of our memories
Then rebirth is synonymous with ending
For real. Can you call this justice? But this isn't fair
Just thirty minutes to lose everything that you ever cared
For… and that’s life
But I will not accept this fact as right
At whom am I to point the finger
Cause the guilt is heavy. Within the burden lingers
A chance to save a life, I never had the tools
So how do I accept a life so cruel?
Could I?
Could I start anew?
I might
I might be able to
But I fight
I fight, I fight
But I cannot accept that kind of life
-Verse 2-
Somebody told me that we all deserve to start again
But would you start again knowing how it all could end?
Doomed to watch the ones you love just slowly slip away
Or be the one to see the color leave your sisters face
So how is that a second chance?
When we're blindly dealt another hand
If souls are just collections of our memories
Then how can I justify forgetting?
Alas, we can't erase and so we choose to battle
It's fitting that we fight for something seemingly so fragile
Truth is we never wanted to remember in the start
But now those memories are all that’s left of who we are
On whom am I to place the blame?
Who's doomed me to this life of pain?
Forget the ones I failed to save… I'd never do
So how could I accept a fate so cruel?