Sick Day Lyrics 

Woo, it's me Dr. Awkward. Welcome Back! Haha! Now this song right here is about all those people working way too hard, Just need to shut it down and take a sick day.
-Verse 1-
Another Monday? Really that came so fast
back to school where they treat me like trash
and Jeremy will prolly break my brand new frames
and the girl of my dreams she don’t even know my name
 The truth is I'd rather not
you know what mom? I feel a little bit hot
and last night I had a horrible cough
and if you send me off to school I'll end up worse off
I think I've got that terrible bug
and look, it's a day long marathon of Doug
and it's looking like I just might vomit
If I find my appetite than I'll just make Ramen
Imma lay here pretend that Imma rest
but soon as you go to work Imma play some Everquest
Imma chill out and let life slip away
cause today I need a sick day
-Hook- (x2)
I need some time off
I need to get away
I need a, I need a
Sick Day
-Verse 2-
It's only Wednesday? Really Wednesday?
Man this whole damn week has hella been played
Missed my midterm in psychobiology
Professors all pissed off demanding an apology
giving me a lecture how he's losing his patience
blah blah scholarship, blah probation
Not in the mood to go and hit a classroom
I'd rather lay out at the beach and have a Blue Moon
and maybe talk to some lady friends, maybe then
play Madden in Mile High Stadium
get someone to set up the Ad Hoc
Cause lately I've been hella feening for Black Ops
Tell the professor that I'm contagious by contact
But we gonna stay home and prolly work on my contracts
and chill out and let life slip away
Cause today I need a sick day
-Verse 3-
Yay it's Friday! Budget meeting Friday
I can't wait for the traffic on the highway
and when I get in the boss will yap about synergy
to tell you the truth today I don’t have the energy
I'm bout to call out I say you do to
Shit, I'll tell the boss I have the avian flu
we got paid yesterday, I say we take a trip
to CES in Vegas, let's play and hit the strip
End of the week, work simply put SUXORZ
So let's get hammered and go gamble at the Luxor
Hit the show and check the brand new gadgets
Then back to the bar for some more bad habits
Post on Facebook I'm still feeling sick
While I slip the early morning waitress a tip
and then sleep in and let life slip away
cause today I need a sick day