Tomorrow Lyrics
-Verse 1-
I wish I knew where it was along the way that I fucked up
I've been down and out so I can't go in and let the listeners know what's up
I spend every night sitting in front of these blank pages, no metaphor
Feels like I'm slipping away, slipping away, from everyone I adore
Sitting on Facebook and I witness life through distant eyes
and I wonder if I just disappeared would anyone out there realize
Another year, another death, of a family member who up and left
 and my aunt's last words to me when she dies was I was next
There I said it. and though I'd prolly regret it
the truth is I'm mad because these days I'm so disconnected I don’t even dread it
I'm losing it… I've lost all control and I'm losing it
I'm under a mountain of shit… and I don’t feel like moving it
I'm hoping when I wake up things will be a little better
Better, better, better, better
There's always tomorrow
-Verse 2-
I spend half my time trying to pass the time
Feeling lonely at home with a glass of wine… it's whiskey
Let's be honest my friends moved on and they just don’t miss me
I feel like the only person who cares for me is my therapist
I can't believe I solicit a listener, shit is embarrassing
I mean how the hell am I supposed to cope when I always play the victim
when the truth is my isolation is wholly self inflicted
and I sit around and I piss and moan, like I can't believe this is the way it goes
when in reality this is the life I chose