Welcome to the Awkward Show 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls
Let me welcome you to my noisy world
and now my ploys unfurled and it's time to get to spacin'
Burning up the track like I'm packing capsaicin, let's face it
You don't like me... I really don't either
I sound like the seizures of a weird mouth breather
wheezing on the track, squeezing when he faps
easy kind of rap, freezing like I'm Zack
Morris, I drive a Ford Taurus
and I'm so Bird Core that you can call me Doc Horus
my cli-toris tingles at the thought
I make so much sense (cents) that it jingles when I walk
This single is a flop, I guess I ought to stop
Will I? Prolly not. It's song one of the flop
They're telling me to quit and this is just the intro
Welcome everybody to the rin tin tin show