Wildflower Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
I've tried to write this song a dozen but where do I begin
I said I don't remember when I met you, how could I forget?
I remember everything about that night from where I was to what you wore
I was sitting at a table with some friends and I couldn't exhale when I saw you walk through that door
I'd like to say it was romantic, it wasn't but that's how the story goes
That's not to say it wasn't special, I wish I had the words for a song as to let you know
I'm wishing I could let you know
I wanna write you a love song
But the words never come
I wanna write you a love song
But it never feels genuine
I've tried to write you a love song
and I've thrown them away
And I long for the day that I see you face and I know just what to say
-Verse 2-
I wish that I could paint you a picture so you could yourself just the way I do
But there aren't enough colors in the world of depths to a canvas to ever hope to capture you
And maybe I could write you a sonnet with the perfect words to describe your heart
But I'll likely end up another poet who attempts the impossible and fails to ever hit his mark
How can i explain something perfect when there is nothing that can lend to a metaphor
It's like capturing the ocean in a glass, it'll never do justice to something so beautiful
My god you're so beautiful
-Verse 3-
I wish that I could write you a love song, so you could hear how you make me feel
But deep down I've always known I'll never have the words to depict something quite this real
But I would tell you that I'm thankful, just to have met you would've been enough
You make me want to be a better person, someone more deserving and worth how you give your love
I hope you know that you saved my life, you picked me up when I was broken
I would say I'll always love you, the truest words I've ever spoken
The truest words I've ever spoken
To my wildflower...