Wish I Made That Lyrics 

-Verse 1-
Hey yo I'm two years in it
Still ain't got a hit
And I'm looking for an anthem
To prove that I'm legit
And maybe I should rap about Yoda
Hold up maybe I'll just rap about soda
Rap about Hulk
How I smash nerd rap obstacles
And crazy drug benders where I end up in the hospital
I'll rap about stuff like King Kong
Or hide a sick track where I talk about ping pong
Hot topic and how I won't shop at
A huge corporation that isn't punk rock
Maybe I'll embrace my old school dork
And write a song about the dark in a game named Zork
And maybe later I'll just rap about Lulsec
Or the link but I'll spit it on dubstep
FPSs and how I can't be killed
Invite Felicia to join my guild

Boom Head shot
I wish I would a made that
Or mega nerd
Man I wish I would a made that
I wish I would have rapped about Boba Fett's Vette
But it seems that I haven't earned my nerd cred yet
Goth Girls
I wish I would a made that
The Rappist
I wish I would a made that
I wish I would of stated that I never want to grow up
Cause then, only then will my music start to blow up

-Verse 2-
And yo I'm thinking about writing a song in leet speak
Or rocking the knuckle tats so you can see that I'm a geek
Maybe just rap on some Megaman beats
And give love to the shorties and how I love sweets
Bubblegum Candy how about Man meat
or maybe I should rap on how the girls can't stand me
Fly spaceships and browncoat pilots
Cause I am ah I am ah I am a pirate
Speak on haterism distort my vox
Rap in caps lock and look like Guy Fawkes
Rap on how my oxen died and tryna ford the river
So I'm a level up with my sword and quiver
Stardate one captains log
And yo I'd love to write a song called I Hate Your Blog
Adapt the style that's punctuated when I spit it
And write a song about an evil little virtuoso kid
Jet packs, ice cream
Zelda, pipe dream
Sonic, light beams
Gym class, lifestream
Write a song about jocks and how they get paid back
Nerds rise up man I wish I would a made that