Written in the Stars Lyrics 

OH! Written in the stars
a million miles away
a message to the main
Oh! seasons come and go
but I will never change
I'm on my way!
-Verse 1-
They dig him he's going to blow
I told them I would make it like Biggs in 'A New Hope'
these suckas they can't shake him
They know the games won and it's so hard to take it
Doc is the real Dave(David) Dunn, they try but they can't break him
Straight out the gate and I'm swinging for the fences
made them open the door like I'm working for the census
two albums down and I'm calling this a wrap
Now they're calling me a legend cause I'm so far off the map
Damn Imma kill it, chill and watch me merc
cause the competition just don’t have the Joules to put in work
destined for big things, since I was a youngster
Make trash rappers go and flip their lids like a dumpster
it's sad… they weren't even on my radar
increasing the gap like my thumb was on the spacebar
Shows around the globe, catch me on tour
got my eye steady fixed in the sky Barad-dûr
-Verse 2-
I'm changing the game and y'all should count yourself lucky
I should name my album Jessica (Jessica Alba) cause all these dudes love me
In 'Difference' Gambino said to always go hard
Now I'm on deck and I'm about to go yard
Yeah, Imma make it damned if you can stop me
Cause everything I make is the bomb: Lockheed
Hustle you cats can't knock me
For sure no saint: Jeremy Shockey
I switch the style depending on the message
Cause Doc's even got more Flo than Progressive
Future of rap? You aint gotta ask Jeeves
Was excellent before I was the one: K. Reeves
This aint KB, you cats can't play me
And not even a Blizz Dev team could phase me
Winning the race I aint even get a fair start
I'm fly and I'm never coming down: Earhart